Monday, March 16, 2020

Inland Sea Adventure

One of the things we still hadn't experienced yet was heading out to the desert for some dune bashing and a visit to the inland sea. We loaded up the car and met up with friends for the adventure last Saturday and had an amazing time.

We pulled off along the way for some pictures and flower hunting. These gorgeous (but parasitic) flower is called a desert hyacinth and is rare and endangered. The kids loved finding them and seeing how they were rotting (decaying?) from the bottom up.

We made it out to the inland sea, waved at the Saudi border, and set up our site to bbq, relax, and visit while the kids played in the water, sand, collected shells, and decided on their own to pickup trash from the beach.

It was a blast and Jason's counting down the days until he can head back out and dune bash some more!

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