Friday, June 29, 2018

Goodbye Bumblebee (and Madi's Graduation)

The girls' last day at Bumblebee Montessori was so sweet and fun. Thankfully Jason was able to fly in the night before and got to watch Evelyn and Olivia's performances in their classroom and then Madison's afterwards. We collected Madi and took her with us upstairs to watch her sisters' performance. Both girls did amazing and were so adorable (I may overuse that word in this post, oh well). Here's a few shots and song snippets.

We all headed downstairs afterwards to watch Madison's class. They were also equally adorable and I held it together until Madi and Jaxon started dancing Skip-to-my-Lou. Tears and smiles of happiness for those two adorable (there I go again) friends.

Then came time for the graduation!

We have loved Bumblebee Montessori for Madi the past two years while in Baku and the past six months for Evelyn and Olivia. They have all had such wonderful teachers and great memories! Look how young Madi was when she started!!

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