Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Month of May and Emily's Visit to Baku!

Along with the moving preparations (inventory - ugh) and our trip to Israel, it was a crazy month. There were a lot of going away events and my best friend Emily came to visit for a few days, which we packed full!

  1. Darwin's theory in practice - look closely at the fly caught in the net of the trampoline.
  2. Mr Zuhur - the amazing driver we used for the weeks around Formula One because there was no way I could handle that traffic and road closures and chaos! 
  3. Pancakes after Cinco de Mayo when I may or may not have had too many margaritas and all the girls slept in past 8:30 am. #winning
  4. Madi enjoying her STEM class.
  5. Olivia the attitude. 
  6. Zoey relaxing in baby equipment for sale.
  7. The most delicious cheddar biscuits. Which my children refused to eat. #worstAmericansever.
  8. Madison regularly spells her name backwards - should I be concerned??
  9. Breakfast shenanigans with these two. 

  1. I love my Norwegian "mom" cup and the flowers my girls picked me. (Cute vase from Bethlehem!)
  2. Our fab new patio set we bought to use for approximately 1.5 months of the year in Doha. 
  3. Clearly it's comfortable since Olivia fell asleep in this awkward position on it...
  4. Madi enjoying hand me downs from our friend Missy.
  5. The carpets I bought during Emily's visit. Jason forbade me to go carpet shopping anymore. Sigh. 
  6. It was awful to say goodbye to my friend Hayley, but I welcomed her velveeta and rotel offering.
  7. Madi practicing hearts and making a heart family.
  8. The cats slowly getting along better and being near each other.
  9. The cutest trio on the trampoline!

  1. Madison practicing writing and getting so good!
  2. Bingo at Alexander's birthday party.
  3. Evy cake face.
  4. Liv cake face.
  5. The girls in their birthday party dresses!
  6. Madi's final STEM class in Baku.
  7. Enjoying a final playdate with our friend Aida, Ryan, and Jojo.
  8. Anna's lovely birthday luncheon.
  9. When the weather turned cold for a couple days we busted out the blankets and hot chocolate.

Emily's Visit

Em arrived early in the morning and without rest we walked the Boulevard and Old City after dropping the girls at school. She experienced my favorite Azeri breakfast and we shopped carpets (see above for the ones I bought... #obsessed). After we picked the girls up from school we had a quiet afternoon and enjoyed catching up

The next day we headed to the Fire Temple, Candy Cane Mountains, and the Fire Mountain - a couple things I hadn't visited before and the farthest I've driven outside the city. It was so much fun and I am glad we decided to adventure to all of them even if it was a long day.

On her last full day we headed to the Mud Volcanoes, Gobustan, and then got a babysitter for the evening to walk the Flame Towers and then have an Azeri dinner in the city. Oh and I took her to Sederek because it's my favorite - ha! She headed off early the next morning and I am so thankful for the time we had together and getting to show her Baku before we moved!

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