Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April Happenings

The month of March was lovely having my mom, but we missed Jason. We started April not sure when/if we would see him that month with his travel and got a last minute notice he was coming (like he messaged at 430 pm he was arriving at 1230 am that evening!) and that was much needed. There was also lots of playing outside in the mud, birthday parties, and fun!

  1. Madi loves her STEM class and is showing Evelyn her battery light she made.
  2. While she was in class we hit up the playground and enjoyed the sunshine.
  3. These two love to scooter! Liv is starting to come around and scooter more (video further down!)
  4. Cotton candy at the compound shop.
  5. Ice cream one afternoon after school.
  6. I am still not great at braids, but I am trying! Madi is letting me practice. :-)
  7. Mud. All the time. 
  8. Little gardeners in the yard.
  9. Going for an afternoon drive in the Range Rover.

  1. We discovered that this girl loves broccoli! (Aka trees)
  2. Madi is starting to shower instead of take baths and it makes me sad how quickly she's growing up!
  3. Fairy Liv. I have similar pictures of Madi and Evy, but they are without shirts on because apparently fairies don't wear shirts, haha.
  4. Scooter pro.
  5. Friday night pizza and movie night with Mulan.
  6. An afternoon Wonderland playdate with her main squeeze.
  7. I had to run by someone's house to drop something after school. These two didn't want to take the car home so they walked. With their shoes in their hands. While I followed in the car. 
  8. Liv swinging.
  9. Evy swinging.
No running in the house...🙄

  1. Mud. Again. Regularly after school.
  2. And in a white dress no less. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  3. Iced coffee season has begun!
  4. She looks completely bored and unimpressed.
  5. Arriving early to school we took advantage to grab a cookie.
  6. Madi and Evy came downstairs on weekend and Madi had picked out and dressed her sister and done her hair. Precious.
  7. Playing with friends on a mid-week holiday.
  8. More playing with friends on a mid-week holiday.
  9. Batgirl. I asked if she wanted to take a picture and send to Daddy. She said "yes". I started to take one and she interrupted "no! in front of the fireplace." Touche. 

Mid-month bonus visit from Daddy!! 😃

  1. Daddy surprised Madi in the morning with his arrival.
  2. Olivia getting her snuggles and laughs with Daddy.
  3. Evelyn and Daddy making afternoon smoothies for everyone. 
  4. Having Jason back in town means making omelets for breakfast again!
  5. And a mid week date night for us!
  6. Plus of course tenderloin. :-)
  7. The girls had a couple birthday parties one Saturday. They were excited to get dressed up for them!
  8. Helping with magic tricks. 
  9. Loving all the balloons!

  1. Taco night. A big hit for everyone in the family!
  2. Puzzle mania.
  3. Working on locks.
  4. Climbing the side of the stairs has become the newest activity.
  5. Madi choosing her clothes. Pink flower pants and Christmas dress. She's got her school shirt on so I don't care.
  6. All the little shoes. 😍
  7. Evy the puppy dog.
  8. And her trainer Liv teaching fetch.
  9. Weird CeCe cat. 🤷🏻
And school is exhausting. Sing or sleep, sing or sleep. Very difficult to decide. 🤣

  1. Popsicles at the playground.
  2. Bubbles. 
  3. Lots of bubbles.
  4. Tire swing fun.
  5. Climbing after gymnastic class.
  6. She loves her gymnastic class!
  7. Three scooter stars.
  8. Who needs pants to scooter. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  9. Delicious lasagna a friend dropped off after Madi decided to end the month with a strep diagnosis. 😑

Evelyn scootering to the playground.

Olivia scootering home. She's really getting more comfortable and so good!

We also got to attend Formula One at the end of the month, but missed having Jason with us! It was a busy month that ended on a low with strep throat for Madi and a cold for Evy, but we still managed to have lots of fun outdoors and are especially thankful we got a chance to see Jason!

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