Monday, April 30, 2018

Baku Formula One 2018

This is the third year that Baku has hosted Formula One (and I drive a good part of the race track daily to take the girls to school, haha!). The girls saw the stands and road barricades all being setup and they kept asking when they were going to go watch the car race. We were hoping it would work out for Jason to take them, but unfortunately he wasn't able. :-/ Thankfully I was able to take them and we had a lot of fun before Madi got sick towards the end and we had to cut the weekend short.


The festivities started Thursday with a Pit Lane Walk. We headed there after school with some of our friends and it was crowded! But we made our way through, saw some of the race cars, and enjoyed visiting.


I went ahead and took all three girls to school in the morning, but picked Madi up early to get some solo time with her. We headed to the kids area and Madi got a chance to drive a go kart, play in the bouncy house, make some paintings and a sock puppet, see some of the practice rounds, and enjoy the fountains with me. Afterwards we picked up her sisters and made our way back down for more fun.

We made our way to a secret viewing place that I cannot share with you and met up with friends to have prosecco and watch more laps (because that's actually all a car race is...haha). We also ran into the President of Azerbaijan's daughter! Overall it was a pretty exciting day that ended with pizza and a movie for the girls after a long day.


Madi woke up with fever and we had to adjust our plans. She seemed to be better after a round of medicine so we headed to breakfast and ran into last year's Formula One winner Daniel Ricciardo!! The kids all had loads of fun and it seemed like the rest of the day would go as planned without a hitch.

Unfortunately though Madi started to feel bad again and so after the first Formula One race we decided to cut the weekend short and make our way home. The girls had still had loads of fun the past couple of days and I wanted Madi to be able to get some rest.  ☹️

We ended up taking her to the doctor Sunday and getting a strep throat diagnosis so I know we made the right decision. We got a chance to relax on Sunday and thankfully Madi started to feel better after starting antibiotics.

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