Monday, April 2, 2018

The Month of March

We arrived back in Baku after our site visit to Doha and prepared ourselves for a month without Jason. Thankfully we only had to get to the middle of March before my mom was here visiting for the rest of the month!

  1. Zoey was quite happy to get us back home, but protested unpacking. (Maybe she thought we were leaving again?)
  2. Evy asleep on the car ride home after school. It's been an adjustment for them being in Montessori.
  3. Liv asleep another day after a trip to McDonalds where that beauty was in the happy meal.
  4. Who knows who will be having dinner in our house. A puppy and two princesses that evening.
  5. Bedtime shenanigans.
  6. The best dinner ever for an expat. My friend gifted me pizza rolls and since my un-American children wont even try them I felt no guilt in not sharing.
  7. Ladies curry night out. Food was amazing and we laughed a lot - much needed!
  8. Kathleen. I am sure going to miss this sweet friend when we move. 
  9. And Grandma's here! She of course needed her hair fixed by these three.

We surprised the girls again with Grandma's arrival!

We took advantage of a sunny (and more importantly not windy!) day to test out the scooters around Fountain Square and just enjoy the afternoon.

Grandma brought a Moana microphone, which has been a big hit in our house. Lots of performances.

  1. Madi and C got a chance to spend the morning together at the beginning of the school break and scootered over to Sunset for breakfast.
  2. And they wore their matching pajamas. They always ask for a pajama party and that's not always the easiest in the evening so pancakes and pajamas for them. 
  3. Zoey loves Madi snuggles...
  4. I attended a sweet friend's baby shower that was wonderful!
  5. Grandma has lots of sleepovers with these sweet girls during the school break.
  6. We started swim lessons for the twins. Liv is still a bit hesitant and I've been getting in the pool with her, but Evy is no fear and doing great!
  7. There are much softer places to lay than a box of office supplies...
  8. Kathleen helped me out and took Madi to Wonderland with her guys and snapped this sweet photo of her during lunch.
  9. After they'd been inside the two of them played together outside the rest of the afternoon!

Third culture kids. Last summer we told Madi she was going to the US. My mom asked her over FaceTime if she was excited to go to America and Madi retorted "I'm not Grandma. I'm going to the US." Whoops. Now she pronounces "tomato" wrong. We have a lot of work to do...

We loved having my mom here most of the month, but we were so sad we didn't get to see Jason...especially since his birthday was March 18. The girls made this sweet video for him and we will for sure have a make-up when we hopefully see him in April. 

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