Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter 2018

We were so thankful to have my mom here fore Palm Sunday and then Easter. (And the girls' baskets were much better filled with all the goodies my mom brought!).

We recycled Christmas dresses to use on Palm Sunday and the girls waving the palm branches was equally disastrous to last year. Evy got tripped and started crying, Olivia refused, and Madi was a better participant overall, but still didn't seem thrilled. I'll save you from the video where I caught on camera Evy being trampled, haha.

We spent the Saturday before Easter dying eggs and decorating sugar cookies. It was lots of fun and the girls enjoyed having Grandma's help!

We let the girls open their Easter baskets and then attempted some family photos... I need to practice using the selfie stick. Madi grabbed it after my sad attempt and took a great picture of me, Grandma, and the twins. Apparently the next generation is born with these skills us old people are lacking.

After church we spent the afternoon at our dear friends' home where we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and such delicious food!

It was also my mom's last full day with us as she left early the next morning. It was so amazing to have her here and we are sure going to miss having her in Baku. :-(

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