Thursday, March 29, 2018

Novruz 2018

We got to experience Novruz in the city this year and it was lots of fun! Our compound did a celebration the week before the holiday and Madi's classroom had a small celebration before the end of term. We also made our way into the city to enjoy the festivities in Fountain Square. The weather cleared up perfectly for the Tuesday, which is the main celebration day, of the week. Here's all of the fun we had over the couple of weeks and the girls in their beautiful Azerbaijani outfits!

The celebration in Royal Park was first. They provided food and entertainment and the girls had fun. It was a bit chilly still and we didn't stay for the fire jumping (you read that correctly), but the girls enjoyed getting dressed up and got even more attention than usual!

My mom was here for the Novruz celebration in Madi's classroom and loved getting to see her dance and help her decorate eggs (like we do for Easter!). Our sweet nanny made treats especially for Olivia without nuts.

They also decorated the city with these large and beautiful eggs. I saw artists painting them in the beginning days of Novruz and they were all unique and fun. We also watched a super scary tight rope walker with of course no net or any sort of safety mechanisms and the girls got to sit on horses in Foutain Square were we ran into friends and enjoyed listening to the music and wandering the crowds.

And here are the most beautiful Azerbaijani girls. :-)

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