Friday, July 14, 2017

July in Baku

Our time this month in Baku was short as we head out tomorrow for our l-o-n-g flight to the United States. Only the girls and I will be heading out and Jason will join us in a couple of weeks. Wish us and our sweet friend Tricia who is helping us fly over safe travels!

  1. Madi and a final playdate with her BFF Jaxon. They went to Wonderland and had hours of fun together!
  2. Say cheese! The girls now give us big cheesy smiles for pictures. Not sure if this is a win or a fail. 
  3. Bed for five please. 
  4. Zoey in the pram. Reminds me of the time I accidentally took her to the gym with me in Norway because she was asleep in the bottom of Madi's pram. 😹
  5. Backyard fun on the swing set we finally got setup months later...just in time for the end of summer. 
  6. Swinging at a friend's house.
  7. Despicable Me 3 at Flame Towers. The girls have done amazing in theater and watched this movie and Cars 3.
  8. Nerd alert.
  9. Freezer meals for Jason while we are away. 

  1. Evy and baby fox playing.
  2. Liv covering herself in minion stickers.
  3. Madi attitude.
  4. How the delicious tendir bread is baked for the traditional Azeri breakfast. 😋
  5. Final date night before being apart for a couple weeks. 
And finally, some peek-a-boo laughs. :-) 

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