Friday, February 10, 2017

Evelyn and Olivia: 19 Months

Evelyn Grace

- You surprised me this month during breakfast. You grabbed a huge spoonful of oatmeal, looked at the spoon and decided it was too much, tipped the spoon to dump half off, and then finally took a bite. The logical problem solving was evident and amazing!
- This month we've had a lot of pretend sleeping. Madi has been tucking in both of her sisters with blankets and pillows on the floor and giving them their stuffed animals to cuddle. 
- Both of you love puzzles, but Evy picked it up immediately despite us trying to trick her by turning the puzzle board upside down. You also love the shape sorter.
- The stank face has re-appeared. It was not missed. It's given to every new person upon initial meeting and when we tell her "no" to watching Mickey Mouse.
- We are wondering if you've started to teethe or have just had tummy issues because you were sick for a few days, but still happy and active.
- Evy is trying to jump with Madi, but still can't quite pick up her feet.
- Evy will make animal sounds for cat, dog, sheep, pig, cow, lion, elephant, and monkey.

Olivia Ann

- You are definitely playing me now by calling me "Daddy" because you squeal with delight when I respond by asking you "Who am I?" and then say "Mommy!"
- I mentioned above that we've been pretend sleeping and Liv took it to the next step by squinting her eyes closed when we would say "Good night Liv" when she was tucked in on the floor or pack and play.
- You were slower to take to puzzles than Evy, but are just as good now and love to do them also.
- Can we say d-i-v-a?! You are carrying around (and trying on!) my shoes, carrying any type of bag or purse you can find, and love putting on bracelets and necklaces.
- Liv still can't say "Yes" but she bounces up and down with her whole body when she's trying to answer "Yes". I have to admit it's the cutest unspoken "Yes" ever. You have also mastered "Peas" for "Please" now.
- You caught up to 16 teeth with your sister and now we are waiting for molars to pop on both of you as the last four teeth.
- Liv is "tickling" Madi and the two of them laugh uncontrollably.
- Liv will make animal sounds for cat, dog, sheep, pig, cow, lion, and monkey.

The two of you are so joyful and I feel like this month we got more laughs from you playing with and interacting with Madi. It's definitely not quiet in our household in the evenings and we wouldn't change it for the world. Happy 19th month precious girls!

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