Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jason's Birthday!

Jason turned 31 last week and we celebrated with a very low-key evening (minus some screaming at cake time). I picked Madi up from barnehage early and she helped me make a cake for Daddy. The only candles they had at the store were pink or purple... so I opted to try the sparkler candle thinking it would be fun. Wrong. Olivia started crying and Madi had no idea what to think of it so I'll spare you the video that we took and just show you this screenshot from it. Bahahaha.

I also had time to make a collage of some photos of us while the twins were sleeping. I can't believe how young we look in some of the pictures, but mostly I can't believe this guy has stuck around with me for so long. ;-)

Jason - you are the most amazing guy that I know. You are incredibly hard-working, selfless, and patient. You challenge me to be a better person and are always there to support me. You never complain and you always help me with the girls and around the house without me having to ask. It's wonderful to watch you interact with your three precious girls. My love for you has grown deeper every year we've been together and I am blessed to be your wife. 

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