Thursday, March 10, 2016

Evelyn and Olivia: Eight Months

Eight months!! You girls are absolutely precious and we feel so grateful to have you both. We wouldn't change a thing and love each having our own "mini". HA! However, you both need to cool it with the movement, okay? Mom's not ready for baby-proofing... yet it's become that time...

- Evy has been crawling for almost the whole month and is starting to actually crawl and not just army crawl. And both are fast!
- Liv is also crawling... but mostly when you aren't watching - ha! She's been crawling using her head sometimes, but also crawling by getting up on all fours and then leaping forward. No army crawling for this girl!

- Still no teeth?! How is that possible when your sister had like six at this point? You both still constantly drool and chew, but I'm tired of saying you are about to pop a tooth. It's been four months without one already.
- Both of you, but mainly Liv have started modeling. You do this side pose where your leg is lifted above the other and you've turned your body at an angle and it is absolutely hilarious and adorable!

- You both have beautiful smiles! Liv squinches up her face and eyes and her whole face lights up. Evy seems to laugh-smile and her eyes are so big and happy!
- Liv is now totally sitting up on her own! Finally a baby who will sit happily and play with a toy! My dream come true - HA! ;-) Evy is doing pretty good, but definitely not to the point of being able to leave her totally alone like we can Liv.
- Evy is starting to try to climb things... like the baskets on the floor, pillows, etc. She's also trying to pull herself up - not cool missy!

Evelyn Grace 

Height: 26.6 in
Weight: 15.9 lbs
Head: 16.9 in

Olivia Ann

Height: 25.2 in
Weight: 15.1 lbs
Head: 17.7 in

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