Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter in Berlin!

After all the traveling we've been doing lately, we had two requirements for an Easter trip: nonstop and no vacation days (for Jason obviously). After that we used more convenient flight times to choose Berlin. Everything is shutdown in Norway Thursday - Monday so it was nice getting away for a few days and seeing a new city.

We arrived in Berlin mid-day on Thursday and after dropping off our stuff headed to the zoo so Madi could see animals.

Our trips with kids sure have changed and the next day we headed over to Legoland and the Aquadom and SeaLife Center. We had some time to kill before they opened so we grabbed a hot chocolate and coffee from Starbucks.

Madi was exhausted after Legoland and fell asleep on the bus ride over to the aquarium and didn't wake up the entire wait while I carried her!

The Aquadom was an elevator surrounded by water and Madi loved it! Upon asking her what she saw, she answered "Nemos and Dorys".

Saturday was our last full day in Berlin so we wanted to see a bit more of the city and decided to ride the Hop On, Hop Off bus. We lucked out with sunny weather and babies who slept the entire two hours bus ride! It was a good way to get some history of the city and see quite a bit when you have littles who can't handle a ton of walking and adult sightseeing. :-)

We grabbed lunch at a delicious pasta place where they had the tallest high chairs ever. Granted, they had a section with barstool-type seating, but the chair Evy is in is still significantly taller than the one Liv is in which is significantly taller than the third high chair I found. We were sitting right by the entrance so got quite a few stares to say the least...

The apartment we stayed at had a wonderful park close by and we took advantage of the sunshine and nice weather to play outside a bit each day.

We flew back to Stavanger Sunday morning and had a quiet Easter at home with our girls.

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