Thursday, March 31, 2016

Goodbye March, Hello April

I thought February flew by and then March came and went even faster. My mind is constantly running in a hundred different directions with all the planning and arrangements that have to be made for our move - the coordination and organization is almost too much for even me to handle (and that's saying a lot!).

Soon Jason will start rotating to Baku leaving me and the girls solo for ~3 weeks so things might get a bit quieter over here, but we'll be alive (hopefully) and well. ;-)

  1. Lunch date with Daddy and his girls when we had to visit the mall for visa photos for our trip to Georgia.
  2. Mom and Evy.
  3. The girls *almost* sitting up by themselves. Liv pretty much had it down at this point, but Evy wasn't far behind. Now they are both sitting up and pulling themselves up. :-/
  4. Liv's model pose with "blue steel" face. Bahaha!
  5. Madi drinking water from one of Mommy's starbucks cups.
  6. Evy playing with Hans while Madi was away at school. Shhh - don't tell her.
  7. Starting to practice her pulling up shenanigans. 
  8. Grandma arrived to hold down the fort while Jason and I visited Georgia and Azerbaijan.
  9. Liv not wanting to wake up for a bottle... even after she'd been unzipped and unbuckled. 

Evy laughing while climbing my lap. :-)

  1. Bedtime hangout with these three cuties!
  2. Sitting pretty and playing with the dancing bear - a Madi favorite as well.
  3. Courtney babysitting all three girls so the toddlers could go to gymnastics while Jason and I were still out of town. Talk about a rockstar!
  4. Babies playing together.
  5. Liv eating her lunch - she's serious about food and loves mealtime.
  6. Evy eating her lunch, but more playful and likes to laugh while she's eating, especially when Madi's there. 

Evy pulling herself to stand for the first time. Liv has also pulled herself up, but we haven't been able to capture it on video yet. 

  1. Smiling Liv!
  2. Madi loving on her sisters.
  3. Evy playing with cords while we were out of town - what happens with Grandma stays with Grandma... except when your friend Kara sends you the evidence. ;-)
  4. Madi and her bff Gabriel enjoying the sun after barnehage.
  5. Cutest little apple sisters.
  6. Zoey in a bag that she's not supposed to be in.
  7. CeCe on baby blankets that she's not supposed to lay on. (Notice a theme here ;-) )
  8. Madi with a mischievous look on her face after being caught drinking more than half of mom's iced coffee while we were busy putting the twins to bed. 
  9. Springtime dresses from our friend Chris.

And lastly, a surprise day home with all three girls. We forgot barnehage was closed Tuesday of this week after the Easter holiday and Jason called me from the school as I was driving to the grocery store. Might as well take all three, right? ;-)

  1. Suriving a first - grocery shopping with all three!
  2. Madi wanted Liv to sit next to her... then she kind of squirmed away when Liv wanted to snuggle - ha!
  3. Walking baby sisters for their nap in the rain. Madi loved puddle jumping!
  4. And finally, baby sister standing around. I love how Liv has her hand on Evy's shoulder! :-)
Goodbye March, Hello April!!

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