Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Reunion and 17 Mai

This was a wonderful week! Madi and I survived being on our own, but were thrilled to have Daddy back home safely on Friday! Talk about a sweet reunion!

Oh sorry, did you think I meant Madi and Daddy? Don't worry, that was even sweeter. She smiled at him so big and walked right to him! :-)

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Daddy and enjoying the sunny weather. And Madi would not let him go!

Saturday, May 17th is a Norwegian holiday, Constitution Day, so we headed downtown to watch the Children's Parade with Madi donning her very own bunad! She enjoyed waving and walking around and all the people. And apparently she is super cute because we had like six Norwegians ask to take a picture of her while we were there. I'm inclined to agree with them. :-)

Our fun didn't end there! We headed to a friend's house afterwards for a delicious brunch and to watch more parades from their balcony. Madi met her first doggie and it was love at first sight! Both Sader and Madi gave each other kisses and Madi kept walking around the apartment where ever Sader went! Guess it was quite the change from her kittens who always run away and don't let her touch them!

Afterwards we had two more engagements - a birthday party and BBQ. The birthday party was a blast and Madi loved (wait for it...) the engineering toy! A fellow party goer said they had the same one and it was to encourage engineering. Nice pick Madi, hehe.

Since Saturday was so packed with activities and going from one event to the next, we decided to take it easy on Sunday. We went to church and played in a park near our house because the weather was so fabulous. 

I hope the weather is fabulous where ever you're at and have a wonderful week!

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