Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby Travel Gear Favorites: Part 2

As promised, here is Baby Travel Gear Favorites: Part 2! If you missed Part 1 check it out here.

My husband and I live overseas so travel has become an integral part of our lives - whether it's back home to the States or hopping around Europe. Our daughter has been on 24 flights to date and will be up to 30 flights before she's one year old in June. As a result, we've come across some favorite gear that we've used and wanted to share.

This edition is mostly around feeding. We've traveled both exclusively breast-fed as well as formula fed so our picks are a mix of things used for both of them along with baby-led weaning for meal times.

Baby Travel Gear Favorites: Part 2
Feeding Equipment

Baby Travel Feeding Gear Favorites

  1. Dria Cover: This nursing cover is definitely my favorite. It's more discrete than ones with a plastic lip at the top and I always struggled with those. I also love that it can double as a car seat cover, a non-nursing wrap, or be tied around her when she's in a baby carrier. Very versatile!
  2. My Brest Friend green throw pillow: This is an inflatable travel pillow! It was great to have in the early stages of breast-feeding when I wasn't skilled enough to just use my arms and she was really tiny. It condenses to be pretty small. I also saw that Boppy has a travel version as well if you prefer that nursing pillow. I have both a regular Boppy and My Brest Friend and personally, I couldn't stand the Boppy. I felt like Madi was always flopping around on it whereas she laid flat on the My Brest Friend and it was more comfortable overall.
  3. CHICCO high chair: We bought this travel high-chair at the Stavanger Kids Sale here in Norway. We haven't traveled with it too much since most places have high chairs, but as Madi is getting bigger and we visit places where we are renting a house or apartment (like we did in Helsinki), than it's great! We are bringing this with us on our next trip to the States so we don't have to worry about our family buying a high chair. It's also a great spare for when we have guests over for playdates! 
  4. Munchkin Snack Catcher, 9 Ounce, 12+ Months: This may say 12+ months, but Madi has been using it since about 9-10 months. We gave it to her to play with and then showed her how to reach her hand in and grab. It took her just a bit of playing with it one afternoon and now she's a pro. I love that I can hook it onto her high chair or hiking backpack with one of the straps featured in Part 1 and let her be.
  5. Nuby 2 Count 2 Handle Cup with No Spill Super Spout: I guess these aren't strictly travel items as opposed to just general use items, but they are the cups we travel with as well. I have been trying a few different ones out and am not entirely sold on any of them. Madi has only recently (within the past couple months) gotten the hang of the sucking part. If anyone has suggestions of cups they love please let me know!
  6. Sinland Microfiber Fast Drying Compact Travel Sports: My only complaint about these is that I didn't discover them earlier! Madi had bad reflux as a baby (Did I really just type that? She is still a baby at just 11 months!) - when she was younger (like 4 weeks - 6 months) and we had to bring tons of burp cloths with us everywhere. Now I just keep one of these in her diaper bag. The quick dry makes it great for washing/rinsing when traveling and they are also great for drying her bottles. 
  7. The Miami Neatnik Saucer High Chair Cover Placemat: In my obsession with the site Zulily, I ran across this baby. And I have to say it's our favorite baby food utensil! We just put this in the high chair and voila! No mess on the floor. A key when you are doing baby-led weaning and allowing your child to feed himself/herself. This is definitely my favorite feeding item on the list! We used it all during our cruise and got tons of compliments on how smart it was. I've included a couple other options that are great depending on where you are going, but I would highly recommend investing in one of these!
  8. Summer Tiny Diner Mat: This is another great item for baby-led weaning. If we are traveling somewhere that doesn't have a highchair, then I can sit Madi on one of our laps and use this for her "plate". And along with that we use the next item on the list...
  9. Sesame Street Meal and Play Mat: Baby: These mats were cheap and we have three or four of them. They are great for putting down on the floor when we are out so that Madi's mess is contained. If we are just snacking and have a high chair and don't want the full setup of her Neatnik, then we can put this beneath and be fine. It's also great for putting beneath a blanket when you are in the park, etc. or on the floor at the airport between flights. 
  10. Munchkin Powdered Formula Dispenser Combo Pack: As we moved to supplementing with formula, these have been key for all of our traveling - whether it's an airplane trip or just one to the park or playgroup here at home.
  11. OXO Tot On-The-Go Drying Rack and Bottle Brush and 
  12. Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid, Lavender, Travel Size, 3 Fluid: Both of these items have been wonderful to have when I've needed to wash bottles in the airport or on-the-go. I'd rather spend a couple minutes cleaning a bottle than have to carry 7-8 bottles with me for those long haul flights back to the States. There's so much other stuff needed that it's nice to minimize what's not necessary in transit. 
  13. Walla-Bib Travel Bib Set (Set of 3): These bibs fold up super small (as you can see in the picture) and are easy to travel with. They aren't the best for full meals, but when she's having bottles or a snack they're perfect. We have used them for dinners when we've forgotten others and they suffice. However, I would recommend my next item for everyday mealtime...
  14. Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib: This bib is definitely my favorite! Typically at home we just put Madi in a diaper for mealtime so we don't have to care about her clothing, but when we are traveling (for instance at a formal dinner on the cruise ship where we need to take pictures afterwards and don't want our child to be naked in the dining room) they are amazing. It contains the mess, is easy to clean and quick to dry. Great investment for the baby-led weaning mothers out there!
So that's it on my list of favorite feeding travel items. I'd love to hear what you've found to be best to travel with and use for your little ones!

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