Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Madi: Eleven Months

- The biggest milestone this month is that you are walking!!! You took your first steps a few weekends ago while we were in Helsinki. All of a sudden you just walked from one sofa to the other leaving us confounded. And the fun hasn't stopped there! You are almost running now and have (in the matter of just the past few days) become a pro at (1) standing up on your own, (2) stopping whenever you want and staying upright, and (3) become a master at misdirection. We caught all three on video actually. You got up on your own, stopped partway to me, then continued walking to me, and at the very last minute diverted right to the toy. Talk about a heartbreaker! ;-)

- You have reverted back to not liking when Mommy leaves for work in the morning. You cry and whine (even if I hand you to Daddy for a few minutes) whenever you sense it's about that time. You still smile so big at Miss Sally and are fine within minutes after I leave, but you make it known that you are not happy I am going. It's making it hard for Mommy, but knowing you are happy and fun right after (as evidenced by Miss Sally sending pictures in response to Mommy's "How is she?" texts) makes things easier.

- You are still rocking just six teeth since Februrary. You have been chewing and drooling like crazy a couple different times making us think you were close to getting more and your gums are looking opaque like they are about to come through, but none have so far.
- You gave Mommy a good scare this month. We were playing in the living room and you were standing by the cat tower. I walked over to the computer to check something and was turned around maybe 15 seconds. When I looked back you were on the sofa!!! Talk about a shock! I caught a good video of you climbing it and doing a front-flip off as well. You were totally fine, but Grandma wasn't very happy with your gymnastics attempts (or perhaps her disdain was with Mommy recording it and not being a good spotter ;-) )

- You continue talking more and more and we love hearing the new sounds you are making! You have definitely got Ma, MaMa, Mmm, Dadda, Daddy, Madi, CeCe, Hi, and other unrecognizable babble down. You don't associate those with anything in particular still, but enjoy saying them.
- You continue to let us know exactly what you do and do not want to play with, eat, or do. You calmly pick up and drop on the ground all green items on your plate and wait for us to cave and give you meat and carbs. You yell at us if we take something you aren't supposed to have away or pull you away from a toy you are playing with when it's time to go do something else. You are quite vocal (a characteristic Daddy is glad you inherited from him ;-) ).

- You are such a ham! You love all the attention people give you and smile at them. However, stranger danger is in full effect. You will scream and pull to us if anyone so much as tries to reach out to you. But you will give them a huge smile afterwards when they stop trying. I know this is going to make our trip to Houston to baptize you next month so much fun...
- You continue to love waving, swinging, dancing, and have also recently figured out how to shake your head back and forth. You had fun having a dance-off with Daddy shaking your hips and bobbing your head back and forth the other night. We'll have to catch that one on video next.

Madison Rose ~
How is it that you are already 11 months?! I feel like it was just yestereday that I was writing your 10 month post!! Yet so much has happened and you've grown so much that I guess it was really a month ago, huh? You continue to be a joyous girl, smiling at everyone, and enjoying people-watching. We are excited (and a little saddened) that you are walking so early! It means you are growing up too quickly and we have to start being more careful, but it also brings a lot more fun to our lives! We're excited to take you back to the States next week and get to see family and friends for your baptism. (Although I am a little horrified envisioning you attempting to run down the aisle afterwards and tripping on your long baptism gown!). Thank you for being such a light to everyone you encounter!

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