Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Busy, but Fun Weekend!

I suppose it'd be more accurate to call these Weekly Wrap-ups something like Weekend Wrap-up since that's what all the picture are from and about! But let's be honest, no one wants to hear about our mundane weeknights of work-eat-sleep and we make up for it with fun on the weekends! And this one was no exception. :-)

Maybe because it's the end of the year everything is happening at once? At least that's how it feels since we had three separate bbq/potluck gatherings this weekend and some errands to run! It was a pretty busy one and we are glad that we have a short week since we leave for the States on Wednesday!!!!!!!

Jason installed a swing for Madi this week and we spent Friday afternoon relaxing and enjoying the weather after a fun play date with our friends Kara and her boys Ty and Caleb (so much fun we forgot to take any pictures of them playing!!)

Saturday morning we ran some errands including a stop at the hardware store. I was surprised to get in and out so quickly since it was the best one Jason has found here to-date. And we got a great action shot of Madi running through the store with a paintbrush!

We had lunch with our friends the Stauzenberger's and Van Burkleo's and enjoyed the weather outside! 

We met up with them again for dinner and learned a valuable lesson. Food while sitting in the high chairs is not as delicious as food on the floor. Noted.

Sunday morning I turned my back for ten seconds while unloading the dishwasher and found that I had a her defense I did tell her she needs to start pulling her weight around here in the chore department. ;-)

Later in the morning we met up with our friends Sofia and Maurio and their little one Mia, who was in the hospital the same time as Madi born just two days later. We went to Soma Gaard and had a blast grilling, visiting the animals, and catching up with one another. And yes... that's my daughter kissing a sheep...

You ever chase chickens?!
The girls weren't too sure of one another in the beginning... but then they stole each others sippy cups and everything was cool. :-)

After a nap that afternoon (for Madi - I wish I could nap!!) we got to check out our new bike trailer! Our friends the Stautzenberger's are incredibly awesome and brought it over for us in their sea shipment! How amazing are they?! We loved the short ride over to our last event of the weekend and foresee many more fun bike rides this summer!

We're looking forward to the short week and getting to see our family and friends soon!!! Hope you've had a fabulous weekend and hope to see you in the States! :-)

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