Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oklahoma - The Final Stop

After spending time in Chicago, Houston, and Colorado, we headed to our final stop on Madi Across America tour - Oklahoma. We stayed there the longest arriving just before Christmas and staying until after the New Year. We definitely got the chance to relax the most here because we didn't have to pack up everything and move around and we got to take advantage of grandparents willing to babysit. :-)

We got to take Madi to the park for the first time !

And watch her play during nap time...

We snuck away to the casino multiple times (including our first overnight without the Mads!) and for a couple date nights.

There were Mommy snuggles.

And lots of yummy food. Including placemats apparently. :-)

Madi opened lots of wonderful Christmas presents -

And got to meet her Uncle Timothy Justin.
You gave me to this guy?! :-)
We watched my mom shoot at morning doves stealing food from her cardinal and squirrel feeder.

And saw Madi avoid a few more nap times...

But mostly we played and spent time with these two amazing grandparents!

It was a hard goodbye at the airport and Madi didn't want to leave (we'll pretend that's why she was crying, not because Mommy gave her to someone else...)

And the three of us made the three flight, 20+ hour journey home to Stavanger. We arrived safe and sound this past Saturday and our amazing daughter traveled fabulously (especially considering she got her first ear infection the day before we left) and didn't have any jet lag!

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