Monday, January 6, 2014

Probably (Definitely) the Best Baby in the World

I've done a good job thus far in refraining from claiming titles so frequently posted by mothers - cutest baby in the world, smartest baby ever, most adorable, etc. And obviously the ultimate one - best baby in the world. In fact, today Madi is wearing a onesie given by our friends Erica and Thad that says "Probably the best baby in the world." I love the disclaimer with the word "probably".

However, today, I have to brag and call Miss Madi the best baby in the world. Why you may ask? Because we made it through 20+ hours of travel during our three flights to get back to Stavanger with an ear infection and guess what? She didn't get any jet lag. Best baby in the world.

Madi did great going to the States because I didn't let her sleep for a large chunk of time on the flight. I kept waking her every three hours to trick her and it worked because when we arrived in Chicago we did our bedtime routine and she went down only waking an hour earlier than her normal time.

I was a little more concerned coming home because I've heard so many stories of babies getting confused and taking a couple weeks to get back on schedule. We were able to get Madi to sleep for about four hours on our long leg from Washington DC to Frankfurt. She was a little grumpy in the beginning of the flight, but not too terrible.

When we got home on Saturday we let her nap, but woke her up and kept her to her usual routine. She slept all night and had a great day Sunday (with just slightly longer naps). Again she slept all night last night making me confident that she doesn't have any jet lag and is back to her routine. Awesome. Love this girl!!

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