Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Second Trimester Recap

The second trimester is considered to be the best trimester of them all. Typically in the first your homornes are all whacky and you're tired and potentially sick, etc. By the second, things stabilize and you have more energy, don't feel too heavy yet, encourage traveling during this time, and you have a lot of milestones (finding out the gender, starting to feel movement, etc.) They say the third trimester things start to go downhill again. You get incredibly large and uncomfortable, anxious to meet your baby, and ready to be done being pregnant.

I cannot complain a bit about my pregnancy one bit, especially when I hear other people's stories. The first trimester, while it had some ups and down, was still an A- in my book. Comparatively, the second trimester was definitely an A+. I was able to do a lot of traveling still (London, Ireland, Aberdeen, Bergen, Tromsø), have been able to continue working out and going to spin class, and not really feeling like much has changed (when do you start feeling pregnant again?!). We also got to find out that we are blessed with a Baby Girl and we were able to start feeling her move and squirm, which is an amazing feeling. Slightly awkward, but amazing. :-)

Here's the second trimester weekly photos. I've definitely grown a lot even though it's hard to tell from the last couple of weekly photos in the second tri.

I'm praying for a third trimester as fabulous as my first two trimesters! Tomorrow we have our 26/27 week appointment with the doctor. We will have another ultrasound and *hopefully* get better pictures than we did at our 18 week ultrasound... otherwise Baby Girl is grounded!

We leave this Friday for Houston and then jet off to Mexico for a "babymoon", maternity pictures, and an attempt at relaxing. We get to see our friends and family and be honored with two amazing baby showers that I am so excited to attend!

Then later in April/May our shipment will arrive in Norway I will get to start nesting and setting up the "nursery" to prepare for Baby Girl. I also have a long list of crafts and random things that I want to do before she arrives!

Here's to another 13-14ish weeks until we get to meet you Baby Girl! I hope you are as petrified excited to be our daughter as we are petrified excited to be your parents!!

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