Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 25

Once again you might notice a slightly different background than my usual weekly posts. Jason and I are out of town again this weekend enjoying the northern city of Tromsø and chasing the Northern Lights (see them in the background of this awesome, untouched pic my husband took?!)

How far along: 25 weeks, 4 days

Size of Baby S: 13.5 in, 1.5 lbs

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): rutabaga (glad I don't have to draw that this week since we are out of town!)

Total weight gain: 11 lbs

Sleep: I've been tossing and turning a lot lately which is pretty annoying. Not sure why either, but the small wedge pillow is helping some and it's not too bad at this point. I complained to Baby Girl that it was her fault and Jason kindly retorted that she plans to do a lot worse to our sleep habits in just a few months. Thanks for the reminder honey. ;-)

Movement: Yes! It's become a favorite pastime to lay on the sofa or in bed and read together and feel her kick. She was creating quite the ruckus this past Wednesday night!

Unglamorous body changes: Just getting bigger. I am not sure why, but for some reason I just feel/felt very large this week, which I realize is ridiculous because I have a long way to go still! I don't think I had a major growth spurt either, but I just kept feeling so big every time I looked in the mirror. I am sure I will look back at this in a few weeks and laugh at myself. It probably didn't help that I tried on a bunch of skirts and a few tops from my closet and had to retire them to the "I will wear you again  I promise" box.

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants, but I am still okay with some of my dresses and tops. Things are definitely be retired though to the aforementioned box weekly...

Showing: Yes. :-) I did have someone compliment me that I do not look pregnant everywhere (meaning face and general swelling, etc.) Let's hope that continues since I am trying to keep working out and eating healthy.

Food cravings: Not really. Although I did buy a box of Fruit Loops when I was in the UK for my Girl's Trip to Aberdeen and Jason and I tried them this past week. Let's just say that UK Fruit Loops ≠ USA Fruit Loops. Major disappointment.

What I miss: Cold lunch meat. My usual lunch companion, Megan, always adds a slice of turkey to her salad and I gaze at it enviously longing for the day that I can eat it again, haha.

Anything making you queasy: Nope.

Strange experiences: I was scolded by the chiropractor for my TB wedges and also said no heels... She wants me to wear tennis shoes to work or buy some flats with good support. Guess I need to go shoe shopping while I am in Houston...

Milestones: Baby Girl knows which way is up and down. Might have made her feel a bit awkward in spin class when I was bobbing up and down for hills and flats, hehe. She handled it gracefully though! She's also getting more fat and hair too.

Best moment this week: Feeling her move is going to be on here for awhile I suspect!! :-)

Also, my friend Ashleigh recommended a book to me called Do Chocolate Lover's Have Sweeter Babies by Jena Pincott. Jason and I started reading it on the plan ride last weekend and have become addicted. The book discusses the science behind the changes our body goes through when we are pregnant and what influences our baby in-utero. She's humorous with a balance of science and studies that makes the book an easy read for anyone. The format is also setup kind of like a Q&A so that you could just skip to the topics that interest you rather than read the whole book through if you'd prefer. I would highly recommend it! It's eye-opening and a little scary to think of the influence I am already making on my future daughter!

Looking forward to: March 12. We have our appointment with the doctor for my regular check-up and to do another ultrasound. Jason and I have talked to Baby Girl about behaving for this one otherwise she's grounded.

Also, T-minus 2 weeks until Houston and we get to see our family and friends!!

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