Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Too Early to Ground?!

Today was my Week 26/27 appointment. We made the appointment with the doctor rather than the midwife for a couple reasons - 1. I need to have a doctor's note clearing me to fly in case the airline asks because I will be past 28 weeks on the return trip home and 2. We wanted to try for better pictures since Weeks 26-28 are a good time and all we got from Baby Girl at her 18 Week ultrasound was this.

The appt. itself went well and there's not much to report. My sugar levels and proteins levels are all normal and nothing of concern. I asked how Baby Girl was measuring since I am so self-conscious now about my size and worried that it's affecting her. The doctor said she was measuring slightly under average, but that she was not concerned. She commented that she probably won't be a 3.7 kilo ( ~ 8 lbs) baby and that's fine. I didn't tell the doctor that I plan to work very hard on increasing her size over the next two weeks when Jason and I gorge ourselves on all the foods we've been missing since we moved to Norway... ;-)

Now to the pictures and the blog post title... Jason and I talked to Baby Girl for a long time leading up to this appointment how important it was to get pictures for our family and that she needed to be still, but not too still and give us a good show. As a last resort I threatened (very intimidatingly I might add) that she would be grounded if she didn't cooperate. Message not received and I am now debating how long I can ground her for after she's born. Right now I am thinking until at least age 5.

It was amazing to see her again though! We saw her little legs and arm and spine. We got to see her heart beating and her liver. We saw her open and close her mouth. It's incredible. It was also laughable as you will see in the pictures below. Apparently it's very comfortable in utero (at least for our daughter) to stick her foot in her face!! Who does that?! She kept it there basically the entire time as well giving us these as our only Week 26/27 pictures...

The upper left is her heartbeat and the umbilical cord.

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