Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pi Phi Junior Group Going Away

I've been involved with the Pi Phi Junior group since I moved to Houston back in 2008. It's been a great way to meet some fabulous ladies! I was able to serve as Secretary and President while I was here and I'm going to miss the fun events these girls plan every month!

Last night was our October event and Chelsea, our current Social, was so sweet and made it my going away. And of course it was my absolute least favorite event of the year (I still think Chelsea made it my going away just to get me to show up... ;-) ). What is this event that I dread so much (and successfully avoided the past three years I've been involved with the Pi Phi Junior group)? Pinot's Palette. I'm sorry people, but painting is stressful and takes creativity! I do not enjoy this activity. But I loved the fellowship with the ladies and I was very sad it was my last event!

 In honor of my departure, Chelsea picked a Texas-themed painting - a cowboy boot! We got to pick our colors and since I knew I would be copying the instructor on everything else, I branched out and decided to make a pink boot. It didn't turn out as incredibly horrible as I'd imagined. ;-)

Don't I look excited about painting?!


She also surprised me with a going-away gift. Earlier this week on Chelsea's blog, The Perfect Catch, she shared her discovery that Cadbury creme eggs are no long just an Easter treat. They have released the scream egg just for Halloween! This is the worst news ever. I am obsessed with those things. I scolded Chelsea for the extra weight she had added to my waistline by the fact that I was already debating leaving work to go find some (remember, I'm obsessed people!). She surprised me with a goodie bag that included some scream eggs along with a fabulous candy corn bark that she made!

She is the sweetest girl and I wish I had gotten to know her sooner. We'll stay in touch on the blog world and hopefully cross paths again one day!

Here's our entire group with our paintings! There are some creative Pi Phis out there (myself not included of course ;-) )

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