Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Preikestolen Hike!

While we were on our site visit (read about here), we got to spend some time hiking! We left Saturday morning with the weather looking slightly ominous... There were rain clouds in the sky, but no rain and Megan and Loren told us that as long as it wasn't pouring we were fine to plan on hiking. We made sure to have some rain gear with us since it seemed like we would be needing it.

There was about an hour and fifteen minute drive to get to Ryfylke where the hike begins. We headed out in slightly drizzling weather, but nothing too bad. The rains came off and on throughout the 3 km hike with a couple parts which got us soaking. Fortunately the temperature wasn't extremely cold so we were able to manage without being miserable. The motto in Norway is "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing". :-)

The hike itself was relatively easy with some slightly slippery rock climbing because of the rain. There was quite a bit of fog at the top so we couldn't see out into the valley, but it just means we will have to hike it again when we return! Megan and Loren were great guides and we talked about Norway, moving, and lots of other things on the way up that made it very enjoyable.

We didn't bring the nice camera since we were already loaded down with stuff, but we did manage to get some great pictures on the iPhone and Loren got some good ones with his nice camera that I know he's going to share with me. (Right, Loren? ;-) )

Our cold ride back on the ferry! We had a little trouble warming up after the hike, but our warm drinks helped.

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