Monday, July 9, 2012

Post-vacation Catch Up

I can't believe we've been back from vacation over three weeks! And I still haven't finished blogging about our trip...

I did at least get blog posts written about Peru. (Read about them here.) Jason is still working on editing our zip lining video from Honduras and then I will get that post up.

In the meantime here's what we've been up to since we got back -

- We took another amazing cooking class from Well Done. It was bread making and we had delicious cinnamon rolls, beer bread, paninis, and rolls. Yum!

- We got a new kitten! We finally named her after a couple days of calling her New Kitten. Her name is Zoey and she's a bundle of energy! She purrs and cuddles more than we are used to and has finally won CeCe over after just a couple days transition.

Zoey doesn't seem to understand the word "no", which frustrates Jason every time she climbs on his computer! And then she purrs so sweet and you just have to forgive her!

Today for the first time we saw the kittens cuddling and holding one another!

And here they are playing with one another in Zoey's shelter box-

She's also quite the climber!

- We celebrated the Fourth of July by having dinner with our friends the Rushings and their little one Noah. Afterwards we headed to Katy for cards and drinks with some of our other friends.

- I had Thursday off and got to have lunch with my friend Leah and her little one Isaac. He is a bundle of joy and a great baby!

- Jason's sweet grandmother got him a certificate for a honey baked ham for his graduation! In college she used to send him $10 a month for a ham sandwich. :-)

We got the ham purchased and cooked for dinner last night. It was delicious!

- We got our first corn from the garden and harvested the garlic we planted last February. They were both amazing!

We also enjoyed our first tomato and more okra!

- We started watching Game of Thrones on HBO. This was my first experience with HBO... Wow is it an inappropriate channel. Even though I am reading the books and should have expected such, I am still shocked at seeing it on screen. I just started the fourth book and I've never had an author take me on such a roller coaster as Martin does.

- Jason and his friends visited the new electric go-kart track that's just a few minutes from their office. He keeps his race helmet in the car now! I have a feeling Jason will be "working late" quite often now... ;-) He even got the GoPro mounted on his helmet for more videos!

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