Monday, July 30, 2012

Girl's Shopping Trip!

A few weeks ago I surprised (and impressed) Jason with the following...

...a shopping trip budget proposal! It also included a risk assessment of stores, supporting evidence, and I got it hooked up to the apple tv for additional points. :-)

He approved my budget and the big shopping weekend finally arrived!

We made sure to plan ahead for the trip by printing maps of the mall and highlighting our stores.
Mine is the upper right with a two-tier priority ranking. I definitely had the most highlighted though...

Maryam, Nikki, Meredith, and I hit the road Friday afternoon. We made a mandatory stop at Bucees along the way.

If you are ever in Texas and you get an opportunity to stop there you need to take it! I can't even begin to describe the gas station/convenience store/general store/bakery. They have amazing turkey jerky and homemade fudge!! Remember, just keep an eye out for this beaver -

After fueling up on snacks and sodas we continued onto Buda where we stayed the night. All of the hotels in San Marcos were sold out because of a conference which was fine because... They don't have a Cabela's or Cracker Barrel!

We walked around Cabela's planning future camping trips and looking at the taxidermy animals on display. Afterwards we headed to Cracker Barrel for some delicious (and again not healthy...) food. We went to bed and got ready for our shopping trip the following day.

After breakfast and Starbucks we headed to the mall and snagged a fantastic spot right as the stores opened.

We shopped until we dropped- literally. We all had a successful time (I even got a bunch of great stuff for Jason!) and were exhausted when we finally hit the road after six hours of shopping. Four girls, lots of stores, and one chevy tahoe = a lot of stuff!

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