Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Family Member!

Yesterday we made an unplanned, spontaneous decision. We visited the local shelter after seeing a cute calico kitten online. Unfortunately that little kitten got adopted while we were still at work.

It's not sad though because that led us to meeting our new kitten!

We fell in love with her playful, but sweet demeanor. (And we secretly hope she will calm down crazy CeCe kitten!)

She has an affection for bags just like CeCe...

We still don't have a name for new kitty...we are not good at naming (pity our future children...)

Top contenders right now are Caesar (but Jason swears it's a boy name), Gadget, Zoe, and Pepper. We'll see how long she goes before we settle on a name... :-)

Right now we are trying to transition both cats by keeping them in separate rooms and letting them get used to the other's smells, sounds, etc. Hopefully through the holiday weekend we can introduce them!

Here's CeCe investigating new kitty's box -

If you have any name suggestions please let us know! We welcome the options!

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