Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Always a Weekend Update

I feel like all I've been able to write lately is weekend updates! Jason and I have both been super busy at work and we've spent the weeknights relaxing and doing nothing. Yes, I know- you are still reading the Stingerie blog. But don't worry our weekends have still been jam-packed with fun!

This past Friday Jason went with some guys from church to see the new batman movie. He was not home to see the massive pile of boxes of car stuff he purchased to get ready to take his car on the track in October.

I chose to hit the gym with my friend Meredith and take DEFINEbody. DEFINE (read more here) are super-challenging fitness classes I got a package deal to try. My body typically hurts for two days after a class and Jason is thrilled I found something to make my legs burn- not a feeling I'm used to having!

I took my flex day today for some (much needed) relaxing and errand running. I was able to sneak in a DEFINErevolution class as well. It was a combination spin and weight class. And I thought spin alone was tough!

But back to this weekend! Saturday Jason was up early to go to the go kart track that I talked about a couple weeks ago (read here).

They hosted a special event with a race car driver from California. He gave them pointers on driving and then they got to hit the track to practice what they learned. Jason wore his GoPro again and got some great video!

Jason was beaming when he got home and I found out why. He got SECOND PLACE!! He also had the fastest lap times of the day! (The only reason he didn't get 1st place is because he had to start in the 6th position. Boo.)

I chose to spend my Saturday morning being super nerdy. I organized my study materials for the PE exam. The PE, or professional engineering, exam is a certification both Jason and I are taking this fall. Neither of us is looking forward to studying or the 8 hour test!

But at least I had our monkey kitten to entertain me!

That afternoon we headed down to League City for some long over due time with our family.

Sydney is at such a fun age! She was shy when we arrived and Jason tried to give her the doll we brought her from Peru.
She quickly opened up though and let me brush her hair after a dip in the pool. And by the time we won't to dinner she pulled her chair over to sit by me and later climbed on my lap. We were even able to get her to pose for a picture and smile- a rarity we were told. :-)

After dinner we chased her around the living room until she wore us both out. We gave her goodnight hugs and spent some time visiting with Jacob and Steph. It was wonderful to hear little Sydney call us Uncle Jason and Aunt Darcy!! :-D

After church on Sunday we spent the afternoon relaxing. Jason gave me his phone so I could send myself the racing pics and I discovered this-

Jason has taken my Ben and Jerry's cow shirt hostage! Ahh! I still have not received the demands nor have I been able to locate my cows anywhere around the house...

When we checked the mail we found Jason's diploma!! I think he did a great job on his fake one though that we used on his graduation party (read here).

Today I took Zoey to the vet for her booster shots. She was a trooper in the car and quite enthusiastic! Not what I was expecting after CeCe's first visit (read here).

Oh and did I mention she eats cardboard? Is that normal?

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