Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Happenings Since Work Took Over Our Lives

I don't remember a lot from the past month and half, especially the last week. Neither does Jason. I probably saw him a total of 8 hours this last weekend because he worked nearly 40 hours JUST over the weekend! He was running a test and the machine shop stays open 24-7 meaning that if the tool was ready to test at 2:00 AM Sunday morning, guess who was there to start it. That's right - my hardworking hubby!

So in an effort to capture some of the things that did happen while we've been MIA, I've created this incredibly random blog post.

Brittney left for AK - but not before we got to have dinner with her and he husband. Here the boys are taking sake bombs.

I made thin mint truffles for Jason and lemon cooler truffles for me - (super easy recipe from Pinterest!)

And the rest of Jason's thin mint order came in... yes, people, that is an entire case of thin mints that my husband ordered and will probably disappear before Memorial Day...

I've become obsessed with Scramble with Friends (user name dstingerie if you want to play me!). Here are some of my top scores - 

Our cat is evil -

I ordered a new Otter Box iPhone case from an amazing Plum District deal and can't wait for it to arrive!

We took another cooking class at Well Done Cooking Class.

Italian Comfort Foods - we made AMAZING lasagna -

And strawberry risotto -

I attended our church's new member luncheon and got to meet some fabulous ladies that have join our church!

Our cat apparently has an obsession with bags -

I planted in the garden last weekend while Jason was working. (You can read more about it here.) I pulled this carrot out on Friday, the 13th...

And most important - the MS 150 is TOMORROW and after looking at the weather forecast of NNW winds at 10-15 MPH...

And seeing as we are traveling NNW into those winds to ride 150+ miles from Houston to Austin...

We are going to be praying for Chuck Norris-like strength to survive the weekend -

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!

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