Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

He is risen! He is risen indeed!!

This weekend we flew to OKC to spend Easter with some of my family. We had a wonderful time and I'm so glad we were able to go!

I am sitting in the airport now waiting for our 4:30 pm flight. Yep, it's 6:00 pm. And not planning to take off until at least 6:40 pm. So I've got a chance to blog about the weekend.

We landed Friday and stopped by to see my friend Chelsea and meet her new little one Cole. Apparently I forgot I have a camera (amazing thing for a blogger to forget I know, but I'm still new) because I spaced getting any pictures of Friday. Fail.

We ate lunch with my family, Ricketts and some of our other friends who were visiting OKC for the weekend. It was nice to see everyone and visit!

Afterwards the ladies visited the new outlet mall while the boys went bowling. We all met up later at the casino. We all know Jason and I love some gambling. I had to get it from somewhere!

Saturday we spent the day relaxing and enjoying one another's company before heading to dinner and the OKC minor league baseball team game, the Red Hawks.

Jason and I went to an Aeros (minor league hockey) game before in Houston and I have to say, these minor league games are some of the most entertaining around! And this one did not disappoint!

There were a series of hilarious characters which made appearances thorough out the

We had Manatee Ramirez and Rusty Walrus -

Then Squidney Crosby had a run in with one of the players in this video clip (zoom in and watch) -

I can't load the video on my phone. And Jason won't fix it for me. Movie on hold...

Then there was Cow Ripkin Jr which took a particular liking to me and my mom (thankfully I had the camera so we only got pictures of her, not me). My mom is the one just beside her husband Jeff being "cowed".

The game was a blast and I loved being with my family!!

Today we went to church and then had a delicious Easter meal of ham and all the fixings.

We left for the airport and not 5 min later were notified about our flight. We headed back home and played a mean practical joke on Jeff... Jason and I stayed in the car while my mom went inside and told Jeff she got irritated at us and dropped us off to find our own way to the airport. Ouch. Best part? Jeff believed her!

After awhile he forgave us and we went for a walk and hung out before heading to the airport.

Now we wait, hoping our flight isn't delayed too much more and hoping CeCe hasn't destroyed the whole house...

Happy Easter and remember Jesus is the real reason for the holiday season!!

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