Monday, April 2, 2012

CeCe's Palace

Apparently Jason and I always need some sort of project. I am really good at coming up with the idea and Jason is fabulous at execution.

I mentioned to him that we should build a cat house for CeCe. Two days later he produced this - a SolidWorks schematic of our soon-to-be-built cat house. Man do I love my nerdy hubby!

We went out and purchased our supplies - mostly wood, glue, and rope. We were able to get the carpet for free from a place near our house. In the beginning we were thinking this would be cheaper than purchasing one, but when we actually priced it we spent ~$100 overall. I noticed that the store-bought ones have a lot less rope which was the pricey item out of everything plus ours is more intricate and awesome because we built it. Can't put a price tag on awesome. Therefore it's priceless. 

Over the past several weeks we've spent what little free time we've had here and there adding on to the project in our garage. It's taken us quite a bit of time to complete it and we are excited to say we finished it tonight!

Here are some of the progression pictures working on it - 

It's finished! I decided to call it CeCe's palace. I mean, every evil queen needs a palace, right? Here is the finished cat house/palace for our evil kitten. :-) 

And as you can see she's already playing on it! However, that might be because we were not beneath drugging her into liking it and rubbed catnip onto the carpet of each level and bribed her with treats to climb it...we are terrible cat parents. 

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