Monday, April 23, 2012

Please Consider Donating

Earlier today Jason and I finished a two day, 165 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin. It's a fundraiser for MS - multiple sclerosis. (You can read a re-cap of it here.)

This year I was blessed to be riding for three friends who have been affected by MS.

My college classmate Mandi who was diagnosed just over a year ago with the disease.

Eric and Stacey Lutz volunteer with the MS Society and help to give back. I was honored to ride for Eric again this year and can't wait for him to ride with me next year (hint, hint ;-) ).

Lastly, my friend Cheryl whose mom Diane has been battling the disease for years and is struggling even more over the past couple of years.

Last year I was humbled and surprised to make Club 300 as #295 - meaning that out of 12,000+ I was one of the top 300. I was brought to tears over the past two days when people would thank me or tell me good job on my fundraising since they could see from my number that I was near the top.

Really I should be thanking you!! All of the many supporters who have given towards my goal. Last year I raised $6400+ and already this year I'm at $8000+!!! I want to raise as much as I can and would love to reach $12,000 and make the Tour de Champions.

If MS has touched you or if you would like to help me raise even more please visit my personal donation link here.


I was able to get my last update/fundraising letter out this past weekend. I wanted to make sure and capture it here along with the amazing remarks my friend Eric wrote to me in response to the letter.

Here's my last letter -

Apr Final Fundraising Letter

And here are the sweet words that Eric responded to me that brought tears to my eyes -


Congrats!!! We were thinking of you all weekend and oh so wish we were there to hand you an orange
in La Grange and cheer you on. We want you to know that yours and Jason's support and dedication are 
truly inspiring to us.

While the funds you raised are so beneficial and crucial in the against fight against MS, your dedication 
lets us know that you care and offer the best gift of all... hope. 

Eric and Stacey

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