Saturday, December 17, 2011

Training Update!

This marathon training season has been full of ups and downs - a lot more than my first marathon training season. And let's just say I am not very good at balancing these emotional and physical challenges!!

Brief update - two weeks ago on Friday I pulled my back and had to skip our 16 mile run. I went to the chiropractor and got muscle relaxers and was good to go that following Thursday. (Note: I had multiple people tell me to be careful with muscle relaxers because they make you super sleepy. I took one and two hours later - nothing. They do NOT make me sleepy. Jason found it VERY humorous that not even narcotics can make me relax...)

I went out that Thursday for a tester 1.5 miles and felt good and ready to run 18 that Saturday. I thought. Epic fail. I had some stomach issues (heartburn) and at mile 4 my left (non knee surgery) IT band started hurting excruciatingly. I made it to our 9 mile turnaround and was forced to walk 4 miles back to where another coach could pick me up. Heartbroken. I spent that 4 miles beating myself up naturally and getting totally discouraged. We were close to a month out. When I got home I spent two hours crying and trying to warm up as Jason held me and encouraged me. (I have the BEST husband in the world!)

I talked to our head coach and he basically said to plan to run our 21 miler the following Saturday (today), but be prepared to turn around early. He also said there's no reason I can't run the marathon if I'm feeling good (with or with our a 21 miler), but I may need to evaluate my goals. It's hard to train for months and then come to the realization that you aren't going to be able to accomplish something you wanted. I spent the week reconciling to myself that just finishing, even if I don't beat my previous marathon time, will be an accomplishment and something I can and should be proud about. I also reminded myself to be grateful that I even CAN run - that the Lord has blessed me with two legs and a drive to challenge myself.

I went in to see the doctor on Wednesday and was able to get a cortisone shot in my left knee. He also gave me a medrol pack to start and said to see how today went - the 21 miler.

So, how did it go you ask? Was I able to run it? I'm getting there...

Last night Jason tucked me into bed before heading to a friend's party. He knows just how to comfort me and I don't think he realizes how much his encouragement and support means to me. He said a prayer for me and when I woke up this morning I had not one, but THREE sweet notes from my hubby.

I found this note on my fuel belt in the fridge -

And this note was on my car window -

Okay, okay so how did the run go Darcy??

IT ROCKED! I was able to finish and felt fantastic! I could have run a marathon today! (But I'll wait until there's a medal for me... ;-) ) I was able to pick up speed at the end and I have not felt that good on a run yet this season. It was SO encouraging.

Every mile my Garmin is set to go off and every mile as I took a drink I quietly said "Thank you Lord for this opportunity." Don't get me wrong - it still hurt. You cannot run 21 miles and not expect to feel a little exhaustion and fatigue in your body. But I was able to run it and run it well.

I now feel ready for the marathon and just need to hold onto the encouragement that today gave me, that my husband gave me, and most of all BELIEVE in myself that I can do this.

January 15, 2012 I plan to run my second marathon! :-)

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