Monday, December 5, 2011

Ready for a new week!

I posted last week about my four lows (computer, car, car, and garden). I was ready for a turnaround weekend as Jason and I got ready for our church retreat.

As I was walking to the car I turned to Jason to say something and then cried out in excruciating pain. My lower back was strained and hurt so bad! We stopped and got ice and headed to the retreat.

I felt like the pain was subsiding as the evening went on. That is until 1:00 am Friday night/Saturday morning when I woke up an had to go to the bathroom.


I literally crawled out of bed and army-crawled my way to the bathroom where I was fortunate enough to have a handicap wall rail and my husband to pull myself onto the toilet. (TMI, I know). I emailed the coordinator for Katy Fit, who happens to be a chiropractor who owns his own business. Very fortunate.

The next morning was the same but worse. Jason had to drag me by my feet to the bathroom. (I told him you could tell he hadn't pulled any dead bodies lately because he had no idea how to hold my feet. I attribute this comment to watching too much Criminal Minds- but at least I was trying to joke! And I'm sure if I hadn't been in so much pain, and if it hadn't hurt so badly to laugh, I would have been cracking up at how pathetic I was!) It took a good 45 min for me to be able to stand on my own. Ridiculous.

Doc Scott responded to my email and said he would squeeze me in and to head over there. So I left the retreat to make my way to his office and I *almost* got pulled over for speeding. (I am going to blame this on my pain, my absence from driving a stick, was in Jason's car, and the fact that it's a turbo engine.)

Fortunately I was able to brake and stick to the speed limit while the sheriff followed me for a few miles. (And yes I stuck to the speed limit thereafter!)

My right hip was higher than my left and I was definitely out of whack. I got an adjustment and instructions to alternate ice/heat and skip my 16 mile run the next day.

I headed back to the retreat and took it easy and followed my recovery instructions. Let's call this #5 on my second set of bad things come in 3's. (Today I am doing better but still very sore and cannot sit for long periods of time. A bad thing when you are an engineer with a desk job...and it only took me 15 min to be able to stand up today!)

Saturday night I got what I am calling my sixth and FINAL one. As I was sitting at the dinner table visiting, I all of a sudden felt my lower lip on the right side start to swell. I looked at Jason who confirmed it's growth...

Now this has happened to me twice before and I struggle to pinpoint any common factors in the now three times it's occurred. Different foods, no food, etc. It's always my bottom lip on the right side and fortunately goes away in just a few hours. I was lucky and this one went down in just an hour.

I can only come up with two common factors. They were both at night and after being outside so maybe mosquito bites?? However I've been bit and not had it happen so I'm still lost. And I haven't been bit on the lip...(Any suggestions of what it might be are greatly appreciated!)

So now I'm done. Both sets of "bad things come in 3's" have occurred. I am determined to change my outlook and have a better week!! I think the Lord knew that I needed to make that thankful list last week so I'd have something to remember and reflect on when this week happened.

I am blessed, I am thankful, and I will have a better week! We are having trends over for dinner and got our beautiful CHRISAs tree put up and lit the candles on our homemade advent wreath. Things are already going better if you ask me! ;-)

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