Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Have A Cucumber!!

It's become a semi-daily habit to check the garden and see how everything is doing. We move the bean stalks to force them to grow up the chicken wire laying along the fence. We frown at the place where the bell pepper plants have disappeared. We take notes (yes, even Jason!) in our garden diary on what's doing well and what's not.

This weekend we found our first cucumber!!!

The beans have all sprouted and are climbing up the wire. Some are doing better than others and this weekend we had to research which ones we pick fresh and which we let dry on the plant. We ended up picking 12 beans, 6 of which we ate straight from the plant and 6 of which we used in our stiry-fry dinner tonight! We picked cherokee wax, bush snap, blue lake, and tiger's eye.

The basil is also going crazy!

As is the cilantro!

And soon we will have a carrot!!! :-)

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