Monday, November 7, 2011

Niagara Falls (Part 3 of our latest East coast vacation)

The continuation of our fabulous trip blog post... Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 here.

We arrived in Niagara Falls late Thursday night. We checked into our hotel and then walked over to the connected casino and got some good gambling time! (We are GREAT at finding those! ;-) )

We splurged a little and treated ourselves to a room that had a view of both of the falls.

The room also had a jacuzzi tub that you could see the falls from thanks to a glass window with a retractable cover.

Now you see the falls...

Now you don't!

There was even a fireplace inside the dresser!

Friday we played tourist around the Falls. Again the weather was gorgeous and Jason got some beautiful pictures of the Falls. We walked along the road taking pictures until we arrived at the tourist center of Horseshoe Falls.

We did the Journey Behind the Falls and got to go down up close to the powerful water.

Afterwards we drove a scenic route along the water up to Niagara-on-the-Lake and walked around the quaint little town of shops. Friday night we had dinner at a fabulous Brazilian steakhouse and walked along the falls at night taking shots of the water before heading back to the casino for one final round of gambling before our journey home the following day.

I think Jason was trying to freeze me...we spent a good 45 min in 40 degree weather standing around taking pictures. The falls at night require a tripod and patience. Fortunately we own a tripod and Jason has abundant patience. The lights of the falls were changing colors too so Jason made it his objective to get the colors as they were changing. He did a fabulous job!

He also had to improvise when the tripod wasn't enough...(note the camera is stacked on a pile of coins...)

Finally, at one point I heard a rustling and turned to my left and watched with wide eyes as a raccoon climbed out of a trash can and over the fence where he began to enjoy his tasting find.

It was a fabulous trip and VERY hard to come back home and back to reality. We had a blast on the trip and feel very blessed at the opportunity to take such an amazing trip and see so much of God's beautiful creation!

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