Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guy's Night, Girl's Night

This week while I was out of town Jason took advantage of his cancelled classes and free time to have a couple guy's night. He and his good friend Huy went to Track 21 - an indoor go-karting place near our house. Then on Wednesday he played pool with a couple of good friends from church.

I got a chance for my own girl's nights on Thursday and Friday. Thursday I went with my Pi Phi sisters to Well Done Cooking Class - a fabulous place to take cooking lessons and make delicious food! Jason and I have been there a couple times before and when we were planning our Pi Phi calendar for the year I knew it would be a great event for our group!

We chose a menu of Thanksgiving sides to help with the upcoming holidays and all of the recipes we made were delicious!! There was cranberry sauce, cajun sausage stuffing, carrot souffle (my favorite!), sweet potatoes, and broccoli & rice cassserole. (If you want to know more about Well Done Cooking Class and see their fabulous class offerings click here.)

On Friday night my friend Emily and I visited the Nutcracker Market. It's an annual fundraiser for the Houston Ballet. It's a massive four-day event with tons of Christmas and specialty items. Emily and I went three hours before close when it's half price tickets - and about all the shopping we can handle!

And here's some of the goodies that I purchased! Not a whole lot and not bad financially either!

Until next year...!

Today we got a chance to spend some time with our friend Huy. In just a few weeks Huy is moving to Saudi Arabia for the next 2-3 years. It's nice getting to spend some time with him before he leaves us. Huy is a fraternity brother of Jason's and has been a good friend for many years. He was a groomsman in our wedding and we have loved having him in Houston! Huy wanted to get a round of golf in with us before the move and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!

Now the boys are playing Wii Mario Kart while we wait for pizza to arrive. Then carb loading and an early bedtime for me since the 26.2K Metric Marathon (~16.28 miles) race is tomorrow!

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