Monday, November 14, 2011

Texas Metric Marathon - 26.2K

The half-marathon fiasco (read about it here) came at a crucial and inconvinent time since I was about to go on vacation and then travel for work missing two full weeks of Katy Fit (the running group that I coach and use for encouragement and support) AND my arrival back would be just a few days before my next race - the Texas Metric Marathon. I knew it would be all too easy to just slip into not working I was determined not to let that happen.

I made sure to get in my 12 mile run the morning we left for vacation. Despite waking up and running alone in Terry Hershey Park while it's still dark (I do not suggest it...) and having my iPod die on mile 4, I was able to finished the run and in a nice breeze for a change.

On vacation, I made sure to bring my running stuff and was able to get a couple short runs in plus our hiking and walking helped. I intended to do a 14 mile run on Saturday, our last day of vacation. However, the thought of spending our last night of vacation with me going to bed at 8:30 pm to get up and run seemed unbearable...and unfortunately our flight was arriving late Saturday night and I knew a run Sunday on a lack of sleep and travel would be inevitably bad making me even more instead I ended up skipping it.

I did all of my workouts this week and was able to hydrate and carb loading properly and felt good despite having missed one long run. I was amazed and encouraged by all the kind words that you all left me after my last race post. There are a lot of people out there cheering me on and encouraging me - AND IT HELPS SO MUCH!!! I feel so incredibly blessed by the support I have in my life while I strive to train for another marathon.

Okay, back to the race today. So again the weather was horrible. HOW IN THE HECK IS IT 70 DEGREES WITH 90% HUMIDITY AT 5:00 AM?!?!?! When I checked the weather Plan A went out the into and Plan B went into effect. What's Plan B? (It's not the type you are thinking...) Plan B was to finish - and not walk.

Jason offered to take me and stay with me again (I have the BEST husband in the world!). I ran the 26.2K (~16.28 mile) 3-loop course and was greeted and encouraged by Jason each time around. He was armed with the camera so I made a real conscious effort to look good in the pictures since I am doomed to take horrific running pictures...I did not succeed (and am sparing you by not showing the REALLY good ones...

I am having some pain in my left knee (non-surgery knee) as well as some ankle pain. I had a painful, but necessary massage tonight with Keith - my personal torture masseuse. After he worked on both and felt around I think they are my IT band and calf - so ice, stretch, and endure. :-)

It's just 62 days until the Houston Marathon!!

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