Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Train for a Marathon

Once again I find myself training. I joke that I need something to do with my time while Jason is in school, but the truth is I love the challenge. The physical challenge of pushing myself and the time I get to spend outdoors I truly cherish and it's worth the work.

Right now I am training for the Houston Marathon in January 2012. I have previously run Houston once before back in 2010 and ran it with a torn meniscus, lateral and medial tears. I had surgery June 2010 to repair it and it's been a long road to recovery since then. I attempted to train for Houston 2011, but my knee was not recovering like it needed and I didn't get into the lottery for the marathon (a neon sign from the Lord maybe?!?). Instead I stoped running and started cycling and rode the MS 150 (read all about my adventures here).

I train for the marathon with Katy Fit (more info here), a running group that I find essential to anyone starting to run. The miles get hard and running alone was not an option for me. It was also a great resource for beginner information during training (aches, pains, tips, tricks, etc.).

Here's my typical running "equipment":

But honestly, the thing I love about running is that really all I need is this (and perhaps some clothes unless you are begging for a trip to the slammer):
Last week while I was out of town, the Houston Marathon Kickoff Party was held in Memorial Park. Jason surprised me by going to the celebration and picking up one of the free "in training" t-shirts for me! I have such an amazing hubby!! (He even got a cowbell to cheer me on in January!) :-)
Last Saturday was our first run in the double digit mileage. Thus far my knee has been doing great, but we are far from the intense training that I know is to come. Cycling and swimming have helped keep my knee healthy and I am grateful and blessed that I am even able to run, that I have the opportunity to train, and that I can help others train through coaching with Katy Fit. I am ready to take on the challenges that I know are to come and I am determined to run another marathon - 26.2 miles of one of the most indescribable, amazing, and rewarding accomplishments in running. Keep me in your prayers!

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