Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Planting

We have finally planted in the garden!! [You can read about our previous garden adventure here (part 1) and here (part 2).] The temperatures in Houston have finally started to drop and we took the opportunity to get our garden started. We went to Wabash Antique and Feed Store (more info here) armed with our gardening book and asked a TON of questions.

We looked over all the herb and vegetable plants as well as the selection of seeds available. We looked over Wabash's condensed version of our heavy reading gardening book planting schedule and we spent a lot of time with Phillip - the friendly employee who told us we were off to a significantly better start than most when we showed him our 3D schematics and explained our automatic drip system. :-)
We perused the selection of plants and seeds that Wabash had available and from that made our selections. We have planted 29 different varieties of vegetables and herbs from a combination of seed and plant.
Here's a list of what all we have planted from plant: -creeping lemon thyme -herb mother of thyme -itlaian oregano -sweet basil -coriander (cilantro) -mojito mint -curled parsley -gorizia rosemary -california wonder green bell pepper -yolo wonder green bell pepper -sweet 100 tomaotes -heirloom tomatoes -beefsteak tomatoes -straight eight cucumbers Here's a list of what all we have planted from seed: -carrots -cauliflower -bunching onion -blue lake bean pole -suger snap peas -tiger's eye bush bean -parris island cos romaine -speckles butterhead -great lakes crisphead -marigold -cherokee wax bush bean -blackcoat runner bean -tepary bean -kale -japanese hull-less popcorn -thessalonki tomatoes -brandy heirloom tomatoes

We started a gardening journal in which we will track the progress of the garden, what was planted, where it was planted, and how it grows or doesn't grow (although hopefully not much of the latter...)
And here's us planting the first vegetables and the end result of the weekend's efforts!

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