Friday, September 30, 2011

First Sprouts!!

Yesterday Jason ran inside the house and screamed the word "Beans!" before running back out the door. I hurriedly followed him (in my house slippers no less) to see them! We have 12 little bean sprouts and all 4 of our popcorn sprouts!!

Today Houston is being pinged with an amazing lightning storm and I took a short break in the rain as an opportunity to check the garden again. WOW! I cannot believe how much everything grew in just ONE DAY! I tried to get shots at the same angles and you can see below that the beans jumped significantly higher!

Here are the beans Wed, Sep 28 and Thurs, Sep 29:

Here is the popcorn on Wed, Sep 28 and Thurs, Sep 29:

Here are some other pictures of the beans. (I apologize for the's dark, rainy, lightning, and the backup camera...)

The bell peppers are not surviving the hard rain... :-(

But the tomatoes seem to be doing okay!

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