Monday, September 12, 2011

Garden Update!

Jason and I have embarked on the adventure of gardening. Read the first post about our Eden here.

The past two weekends have been consumed with gardening. We spent Labor Day weekend purchasing over three cubic yards of soil and fertilizer (don't worry that was for the lawn). We got the soil added to the garden in just five hours and over 30 wheelbarrow trips!

This weekend we installed a drip system in the garden. We have two sprinkler heads located in the corner of the garden so Jason researched how we could tap into those sprinklers and run lines throughout the garden. This will be key to our success since I am not so good at keeping living things in my house. (Jason has a strong survival instinct that's kept him immune from this talent of mine.) Here are all of the materials for our drip system:
The other addition to the garden that we finished this weekend was a small pond. There was a large circular hole left from our magnolia tree and we decided that in order to attract some good bugs and frogs, we would have a small still pond in the front of the garden. We got the ground levelled, laid the pond liner, and filled the little guy with water, Mexican beach pebbles, and built a rock border around it.
All that's left now is planting!! Hopefully Texas will cool down in the next few weeks for us to get started on that final piece!

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