Tuesday, May 4, 2021

West Coast Fishing Villages and Forts

At the beginning of this month we headed to the west coast of Qatar to explore some of the forts and abandoned fishing villages. Unfortunately due to restrictions the forts were all closed so we just saw the outside of them, but thankfully we could explore the abandoned fishing villages. 

We started at Zubara Fort and then headed north to Al Thaqab and Al Rekhayat forts (all three closed - hopefully we can visit in the future!). The fishing villages we stopped at were Al Areesh and Al Jemail. Al Areesh has the bulk of it closed off, but we were able to explore a small portion that was open, but hurried out after seeing the bats residing there - ha!

Al Jemail was open and we spent most of our time exploring this village. The girls enjoyed wandering through the maze of old pathways and climbing the towers. We could also walk along the coast to some small mangroves and watch the crabs scurrying in the water. 

It was a fun day exploring before the heat set in and a new adventure for these girls!

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