Thursday, May 27, 2021

Eid Break in Maldives

 This Eid break we did something we haven't done in over a year... got on an airplane! ✈️ The travel looked a bit different and we were definitely out of practice but thankfully it was a short flight that hopefully jogged their memories for the big one this summer. 😉

We landed early in the Maldives and headed to our seaplane transfer. It was super fun for the kids and we got to the resort around midday. 

After checking in we headed to the pool and over to the kids club where they had a fun waterpark! Throughout our week in the Maldives we let them go to the kids club for fun activities, games, and water fun. 

We were also able to go snorkeling not far off the coast. We did a kayaking and snorkel trip just adults to scope out the feasibility of going with the kids and brought them later in the week. 

The island has a manmade lake that was filled with sharks, sting rays, and turtles! We got to see them feeding the animals as well as see some black-tipped sharks in the shallow water just outside our rooms!

We had some rain in the beginning, which we all loved, and some amazing sunsets in the evenings!

In the evenings we would get dressed up for dinner and enjoyed visiting the different restaurants on the island. When we arrived they hosted a Maldivian-themed dinner with dancing and local cuisine. All of the food during our stay was sooo delicious. 

They had swings in the water of the beach at the resort and the girls enjoyed playing on them almost every day! The girls also became good at ordering virgin pina coladas from the bar! 🤣🍹

We spent our time swimming, relaxing, snorkeling, kayaking, eating, drinking, and most of all laughing! It was such a fun and memorable trip and we are so thankful for the opportunity to travel again and see somewhere new!

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