Monday, May 31, 2021

The Month of May

We had a lot more going on in May than we have in previous months - them out exciting being we took a holiday! It was the first time being on an airplane in over a year and we enjoyed every minute of the trip to the Maldives

We also did a a lot of exploring around Qatar before the heat kicked in {currently rocking temps 47 C+ / 115 F+ 🥵}. Our trips included visiting the old fishing villages, Abu Nakhla, and Irkhaya farm lagoons. We stayed busy during Ramadan with afternoon activities and celebrated Mother's Day with my little llama crew. 😍

We had a memorable visit to one of our favorite parks - Crescent Park - which recently re-opened with new art installations all around. We will definitely be coming again with the roller blades when it cools off this fall!

The girls had their first haircuts by a trained professional and their first PCR tests (ice cream bribes were involved). It was the first of three needed for our trip to the Maldives (one to enter Maldives, one to enter Qatar, and one on day 6 of their home quarantine). 

  1. Handmade vase and flowers delivered to my nightstand by Madison. ❤️
  2. Evelyn helping make French toast for her and sisters. 
  3. Olivia and I having breakfast outside before online classes started. 
  4. Cuddled with a book and a cat - a favorite for both parties involved. 
  5. Roller blade trio. 😍
  6. CeCe being awkward in whatever baskets she finds. 
  7. Exercise videos together!
  8. Celebrating a sweet friend's birthday (slightly early) before everyone leaves for the summer. 
  9. A beautiful moon at the end of the month (captured with my iPhone outside out compound) 

We have a lot to be thankful for this May and so many wonderful adventures and memories! We have another month of so of school and beating the Doha heat before we head to America and the countdown is most definitely on. 😁

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