Monday, March 1, 2021

February Update

It's hard to believe that February is already over and tomorrow is March! We spent a good amount of time outside enjoying the Doha weather from another Inland Sea camping trip and ATV adventure (our only one since New Year's! 😲) to exploring a different side of Qatar and an old farming village to a day trip out to Zekreet and the Eye Rock for sunset and a brilliant full moon. 

  1. Enjoying a bike ride in the afternoon!
  2. They girls packed their bags with snacks and water...I think snacks are the highlight of biking for them, haha.
  3. A sad, but lovely evening saying goodbye to friends that moved.
  4. Visiting a new bookstore that opened in Doha.
  5. Exploring the reading corner and picking our new books to take home.
  6. We have been stalking a furniture store for some time and when I saw this piece I knew it was 'the one'. 🤗
  7. The cats are still well and awkward... CeCe in a basket on the stairs.  
  8. Zoey laying on a giant panda stuffed animal. 
  9. Enjoying another visit to the drive-in cinema near our house - this time for Frozen!

The girls had a week long school break and instead of traveling did a staycation and also celebrated Valentine's Day with friends! We also had a chance to go check out the Anooki, fictional characters whose home planet melted due to climate change. They are an exhibit to bring awareness to taking care of our planet. (Check here for more information). 

  1. We had a moms night out for Paint the Town to make these llama pictures. 
  2. It was super stressful and mine is oversized, but I loved the company! 😉
  3. The girls celebrating Chinese New Year by making lo mein noodles and wearing red. 
  4. Madi's biking gear arrived for her race...and then the race got cancelled. 😢
  5. Tree climbing all day, every day. 
  6. We got like eight drops of rain one morning and the girls were ecstatic (it's been a very dry season here in Qatar) so we let them jump and 'catch' raindrops.
  7. The clouds have. been 😍 this month
  8. Getting birthday hugs from one of our favorite dudes
  9. Going another day for more birthday hugs from our other favorite dude 

We've had a lot happen in February with trips to the desert and adventures around the city. There's also been some hard times with our school going online for a couple weeks due to an outbreak and things being cancelled (a gymnastics show and competition and the bike race). However, we are still healthy and safe and thankful for how Qatar has handled things.

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