Friday, February 26, 2021

Desert Adventures - Camping Inland Sea, ATVs {Again}, Al Zubara Fort, and Old Farming Village

At the beginning of the girls' school break we headed out for another camping adventure before it starts getting too warm to camp (which is quickly approaching unfortunately!). Since the ATVs are along the way we made a stop with some more friends and another ride. Afterwards we headed out and secured our favorite Inland Sea camping spot. We spent our time playing, flying kites, watching flamingoes, and even got to try a new activity with our friends - sand sledding! We had planned to stay two nights, but the wind picked up (and we had a tent pole snap in two places 🤭) so we cut the trip short and headed home the next day. 

Later in the month I got a chance to spend the day with a friend and explore a different area of Qatar. We had planned to head to Arsan Cafe (the furthest north cafe in Qatar), but when we realized we would be arriving long before it opened we decided on a whim to take a detour over to Al Zubarah Fort. While we waited for the fort to open we explored along the coast further down where some of the old ruins exist. Afterwards we walked around the fort and then continued our journey north up towards the cafe. Again we just decided to pull off at another spot that look interesting and turned out to be an abandoned farming village. 

The clouds were gorgeous and we sent time just walking along the beach and exploring some mini mangroves in the area. We walked through the ruins and will definitely be taking another trip back with the kids because I'd love to do family photos there!

We finally made it to Arsan Cafe and had a relaxing coffee together before heading back south to Doha. 

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