Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September Summary

Things have started to feel more "normal" this month with the start of school (although it is a hybrid in-person and online combo) and beginning to have after school activities and social gatherings a bit more than we've been doing previously. It's been refreshing and also a bit exhausting after the long length of very low key activities, haha. 

The weather has still been pretty hot and humid, but we haven't let that stop us from visiting the beach, mangroves, and bike rides outdoors. 

  1. Fro-yo date with friends.
  2. Followed by impromptu fountain fun. 
  3. Jazz classes start back up in person - 🎉
  4. Lusail marina bike ride - they have a grass area we've played freeze tag in during our ride
  5. Family bike ride
  6. The grassy area the girls like to play
  7. Olivia holding her own with the boys and water balloons 😂
  8. A brain break game of Candyland with Dad (perks of the two of them working from home)
  9. Our fall Bible study on Matthew started and it's been so encouraging!

  1. Madi's first French fry and frosty from Wendy's
  2. Olivia loved it also!
  3. Evelyn is a fan. 😊
  4. CeCe finally using the ikea cat box on the shelf.
  5. We headed to the souq for a delicious breakfast with friends and some shopping. This gentleman showed the girls how he breaks the glass and glues it inside the plaster bulb. 
  6. Madi trying out an arabic musical instrument with one string.
  7. Olivia climbing trees.
  8. Followed by Madison.
  9. And finally Evelyn all at the same time. 😂

  1. Beach date with friends!
  2. Playdate with Madi's bffs at school - she hadn't seem them since March
  3. Olivia and Evelyn having a playdate with a new friend at school
  4. Zoey happy with the online learning setup as she gets pet more during the day 😺
  5. Madi teaching her sisters about a family tree and how to make one.
  6. CeCe being lazy and awkward.
  7. New grass, who dis?
  8. Delicious plantain, chicken, and cheese dish cooking class with friends
  9. September shaping up to be busier than expected and me finally getting my new planner sorted!

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