Saturday, October 24, 2020

Start of Camping Season - Inland Sea and Mangroves

October is still pretty warm in Doha and a toss up whether or not it's suitable for camping. However, as the girls' school break approached we kept an eye on the weather and decided to give it a shot and made plans to try camping at a couple different places in Qatar.

Inland Sea Camping

We headed south to the Inland Sea and found ourselves a great spot near the water and surrounded by sand dunes. We only planned to camp one night, but made a decision to stay another when we realized we had enough food and everyone was enjoying our time.

The first night there was a meteor shower and a chance to see the international space station. Jason took one for the team and stayed up capturing both on an amazing time-lapse video. 

Mangroves Camping

We returned to the city and made a quick turnaround to camp again, but up north near the Mangroves with some other friends. It was a change to have the greenery and we loved both trips!

We ended the long week with some friends at a new McDonalds recently opened that is modeled after one of the stadiums Qatar has built for the World Cup in 2022. 

We are so grateful the temps are starting to cool down and that we were able to take a couple camping trips across Doha with different friends. It was a perfect things to do over the school break and we are looking forward to more weekend trips over the next few months!

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